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Tired of jumping through hoops?

The Sales Academy is a highly respected New Zealand based sales development practice, with 
a wealth of international sales and sales management experience to share with managers and 
their sales teams. We specialise in giving sales teams around the world smart solutions to help 
them win more business in difficult or very competitive markets.

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The Need for an Integrated Sales Process


In today’s market, it’s hard out on the streets for sales people - and each day it feels like the hoops

are getting a little bit smaller! In this unforgiving and uncompromising marketplace, sales managers and sales team leaders must constantly look for new and smarter ways to improve the productivity of their sales teams, retain key customers and win new business.


The top sales leaders have long known that the best route to improved sales productivity is to make sure that there is an effective, integrated sales process throughout their sales organisation and then go to work on improving the sales skills of their teams. Now, more and more of today’s sales managers are searching for better, faster and more cost effective ways to achieve these twin goals. Many Sales Leaders are contemplating creating their own in-house Sales Academy to lift sales productivity, but are understandably concerned about the high costs that are often involved in such a project.


Now you can create your own on-line and on-demand Sales Academy for your sales teams, easily, quickly and, most importantly, affordably - building your team’s sales capability as your sales people use our Tools and Templates in their day-to-day selling.


The Sales Academy can give you the tools to do this now. Easily, quickly, reliably and affordably


Sales managers and sales team leaders know that in this fast changing, highly competitive world, their teams need to be armed with sales skills that have been honed using the very best methodologies and processes and equipped with sales tools that have been developed using the latest technologies.


Old fashioned sales processes and Sales Training 101 just won’t cut it in the 21st Century!


Sales Development Workshops have traditionally been a good solution to this problem. But nowadays, taking the sales team off the road for a training workshop can be a very expensive exercise; often it’s just not a practical option for a busy sales team already under pressure to deliver more with less, from a turbulent and shrinking market.


CRM’s offer much, particularly for sales management. CRM’s provide an efficient information gathering and filtering tool for senior management, but rarely do they up skill the sales team. Salespeople can work with our new Tools and Templates in their day to day sales tasks, up-skilling as they use them; and in many cases their work can be integrated into today’s leading CRM’s, leveraging their capability for the entire sales team.


The Sales Academy has Smarter Solutions

Recognising that in the current troubled market environment, today’s sales managers need a new solution to attack their problems, we turned the traditional approach on its head! We used all of our 35 years of sales training, sales development and sales management experience, to design new, easy to use pc and laptop based sales tools, templates, productivity aids and sales processes. They can be quickly and easily deployed right now with Help Functions that up skill the sales team as they use them, allowing them to become more productive immediately.


Sales Planning Templates for Sales Teams


We have developed a new and innovative range of affordable pc based sales planning tools, templates and sales management aids to provide sales teams with a comprehensive Integrated Sales Process, designed to dramatically boost their sales productivity and rapidly improve sales skills. These can be used to provide the building blocks for your own on-line and on-demand Sales Academy.


We have new pricing plans that ensure small businesses, as well  as larger corporate organisations can now afford to take advantage of our sales tools to sharpen up their sales skills and combat the recession.

We  are also offering a FREE InfoPath Sales Planning Template to let you test one before moving up to our fully featured, automated products.


















The Sales Academy Suites have been created using our extensive knowledge and experience of sales and sales management to provide a comprehensive and integrated sales process, comprised of the best sales practices and methodologies in use today, coupled with a full range of tried and tested automated tools to boost your sales team’s productivity.  More>


Our on-screen planning guides and contextual help functions offer straightforward explanations, perceptive insights and critical guidance on well accepted sales processes and methodologies, so that salespeople and their managers start to benefit immediately, up skilling as they use the tools.


The Sales Academy Suites are not CRM applications. They are our complete set of on-line Sales Planning Templates, Sales Tools, Sales Processes and Sales Management Aids, designed to improve any sales team’s productivity quickly, easily and affordably. These products can be purchased one at a time, or in complementary and cost effective packages, allowing sales leaders to maximise the return from their budgets. There is a Suite for each one of the Four Key Sales Processes and one Suite which includes everything for all of the four processes.


It’s a safe solution too, because we developed all of our new Templates, Tools and Processes using accepted and familiar sales principles and methodologies and a tried and trusted, industry standard Microsoft Office product, backed by Microsoft’s standard worldwide support and service.


If you do use a CRM, you will find that the Sales Academy Suite of products will complement and enhance its use; and because the Sales Academy Suite was developed using industry leading *Microsoft Office InfoPath, our products can often be integrated with many of today’s leading CRM’s.


The Sales Academy Suite of products can be purchased individually or in selected packages that are designed to boost productivity at each step of the sales process.


The five Sales Academy Suite Packages are:


The Sales Academy Suite - The works! A comprehensive selection of our Sales Processes, Tools,  Planning Templates and Sales Management Aids. Some of the Planning Templates come in three scaled versions: Enterprise, Professional and Lite Editions, so that you can choose the version that’s exactly right for your sales organisation.



Territory Development Suite - Everything your salespeople need to asses their territory and their available resources; qualify the organisations that they wish to sell to and then develop and execute well thought out 90-Day Action Plans to stimulate growth in their territory.



Account Development Suite - Planning Tools and Templates that comprehensively address each critical component of a winning account development plan. With three options to choose from: Enterprise, Professional and Lite Editions, Account Managers and Account Directors can select the Planning Template that most closely fits their needs.



Sales Campaign Management Suite - Planning Tools and Templates to develop winning Sales Campaign Plans for larger sales opportunities. Qualify your significant sales opportunities; design sales call objectives that create momentum for the sale; engineer needs and create value propositions for them, then work out how to beat your competition in the sale by preparing politically biased sales plans.



Sales Call Management Suite - An integrated collection of Sales Processes, Tools and Sales Management Aids to help salespeople and their managers improve front line sales skills, prospecting, account management skills, sales call effectiveness and boost sales productivity. Includes products tailored for both territory based sales people and account managers and account directors.



The Sales Academy Workshops


If you want to reinforce your new sales processes and sales skills with one of our workshop based solutions or Sales Academy Programmes, we’d be pleased to discuss this with you. We always use case studies that are based on the client’s own ‘live sales situations, customers and territories. Real sales situations for real salespeople.



Contact us at info@salesacademy.net.nz


Contact us today to find out how we can help your sales team develop the competitive edge they need to succeed in today’s turbulent marketplace.

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Jump through hoops’ - Wiktionary

(idiomatic) To put forth  effort for the sake of appearance.

Etymology: Reminiscent of a circus animal performing tricks by jumping through hoops.

 - ‘They really made the salesman jump through hoops before buying anything.’

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Sales Processes to Boost your Sales Productivity

Finding it tough out there? Need the best sales training and sales tools but can't afford them?

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Text Box: Geoff Fellows, Ex - General Manager, Public Sector, Clear Communications Ltd:

"Tony is an expert provider of Sales Training and this comes from years of on the road experience. We were early users of his methods, tools and templates and they were invaluable in allowing us to be systematic and precise in our territory planning, compensation plans and strategic account planning. He is passionate about the subject and I would look no further than Tony if I was in a sales management role again. Some of the tools are so simple to apply but so effective. If you want to get results, get Tony." 
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
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Sales Academy Suite 
Text Box: Tony Hillyard, 
Managing Director of 
The Sales Academy writes:

“Sadly the days of superb, 
‘in house’ sales training are almost gone. 

Most companies today, even the largest, can no longer afford the luxury of an internal sales or sales management academy. 
Some aren’t even in a position to send their sales teams on a basic one day training course. 

Today’s sales managers and sales professionals will be the losers; and very rapidly, so will be the businesses, large and small, that they work for, to say nothing of their customers!

Nevertheless, that is today’s reality and other, smarter ways now have to be found to allow sales professionals to develop their full potential and deliver outstanding results.” 
Text Box: "Tony used knowledge gained from managing very large accounts in the UK to very good effect and in doing so encouraged our sales team (NZ Post) to think more broadly about each opportunity and the components of each bid."

Paul Kennedy
Ex Head of Group Marketing, NZ Post Group
Text Box: “Tony's passion, grasp and expertise in all matters pertaining to sales and sales management is exceptional, especially in major account management, training and implementation. With Tony now running The Sales Academy Ltd it is great that his many years of international experience is now available to the New Zealand business community. Businesses eager to improve their sales processes, skills and success really must get to know Tony!” 
Steve Green , 
Branch Sales Manager, Unisys

Email: info@SalesAcademy.net.nz

Phone: + 64 21 816 372 

“I worked very closely with Tony to target and win significant contracts in several large new National Accounts for Wang. His understanding of the dynamics of strategic sales to large-scale organisations and his development and leverage of relationships was key to our success.”

David Shaw, Regional Marketing Director, EMEA , Wang Laboratories